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The following is a list of helpful and informative infographics now available for bulk print purchase for businesses, social service agencies, municipalities/government agencies, schools, churches, and organizations. Free English and Spanish downloads available below: 


















Hand Washing

Only 3-6 percent of people properly wash their hands. Educate yourself and those around you with this infographic. Prevention is better than treatment.

SK_COVID_square_hand washing.jpg

Lifestyle Habits

Staying healthy in the time of coronavirus and beyond means following these lifestyle dos and don’ts. Prevention is better than treatment.

SK_COVID_lifestyle 1024_1.jpg

Doctor Visits

Maintain any necessary doctor appointments safely during the COVID-19 pandemic. By following these tips you decrease your chances of contracting the virus.

SK_COVID_doc visits_4.jpg



After you receive the vaccine you may experience a fever, headache, tiredness, chills, or soreness at the injection site.  This is normal.


Flu Vax




Going shopping during the COVID-19 pandemic can be accomplished. These steps can keep you safe from start to finish.


Leaving Home

Staying home prevents the spread of COVID-19. When you have to go out, follow these tips to prepare for your trip.

SK_COVID_leaving home.jpg


Symptoms of coronavirus in children may not be as severe, however, they can pass it to others. Here’s how to keep little ones safe during Covid-19.

SK_COVID_Baby 1.jpg

Wear Your Mask

It is important to mask up after getting vaccinated to not spread the virus. We must protect our community and loved ones.

COVID_Wear Mask_Knighton.jpg

COVID and Flu Management


SK_Prevent COVID & FLU.jpg

Prevention is Key

Defend yourself against the Coronavirus. This infographic explains the symptoms of COVID-19 and details on how to prevent transmission.

SK_COVID_Prevention is key_6 291024_1.jpg

Home Visit

These tips and questions can help you prepare for any outside guest to enter your home during the time of coronavirus.

SK_COVID_home visits_3.jpg

Assistive Devices

Your assistive devices may hold COVID-19 droplets and other harmful bacteria. Learn how to prevent these tools from transmitting the virus to you.

SK_COVID_assist devices.jpg

Seek Treatment Fast

If you have symptoms or have been in contact of COVID-19, seek treatment rapidly. Do not wait to seek treatment, as your health can take a turn for the worse.

COVID Seek Treatment.Knighton.jpg

Keep it Clean


cell phone prevention (1).jpg

Playing Games

If local or state mandates allow small gatherings, don’t be sorry. Protect yourself from COVID-19. A winning hand is always a clean one.

SK_COVID_Playing Games 21024_1.jpg

Face Mask

Learn the proper way to wear a face mask to stop the spread of COVID-19. The following tips include caring for cloth face coverings, how to take off your mask, and more.

SK_COVID_face mask_2.jpg

Community Living

There are safe ways to navigate a community living lifestyle during COVID-19. Ask the right questions and learn how to protect yourself with this infographic.

SK_Community Living.jpg

Vaccine Development


COVID_vaccination_phases_version 1.jpg

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